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When it comes to securing your home or business premises, roofing plays a vital role. The Nashville, Tennessee area, unfortunately, has its fair share of sub-par roofers. This makes the task of finding a reliable roofing company quite daunting. To help you navigate this challenge, we’ve curated a list of the finest roofing companies in Nashville, Tennessee. Each company has been selected based on expertise, services offered, and customer reviews.

Why Choose a Top-notch Roofing Company?

Ensuring High-quality Workmanship

When you engage a reputable roofing company, you’re assured of unmatched workmanship. These companies take pride in their work, offering guarantees on their services. This commitment to quality offers peace of mind to homeowners and business owners alike.

Promoting Transparency and Honesty

Top roofing companies uphold transparency and honesty. They offer clear estimates, and don’t surprise clients with hidden charges. They are upfront about potential issues and work closely with you to find the best solutions.

Avoiding Common Roofing Scams

The roofing industry, sadly, is not immune to scams. By selecting a trusted roofing company, you can avoid the common pitfalls associated with dishonest contractors.

Top 7 Nashville Roofing Companies

1. Mr. Roof Nashville

In the heart of Nashville, a city synonymous with both heritage and innovation, there exists a company that embodies these qualities in every project they undertake: Mr. Roof Nashville. This premier residential roofing and exterior renovation company has set its roots deep within the community, offering an unparalleled fusion of quality service and superior craftsmanship in every engagement.

From humble beginnings, Mr. Roof Nashville has grown into a full-service organization, providing everything homeowners need to ensure their houses look and perform their best. Whether it’s roofing, siding, windows, gutters, masonry, or insulation, the breadth of their services is a testament to their commitment to their customers. They have seen the homes of Nashville through seasons of change and growth, always ready to step in when a home needs a facelift or protection from the elements.

But what makes Mr. Roof Nashville stand out is not just their comprehensive services, but how they interact with their customers. They aren’t just about providing a service; they’re about building relationships. They understand that every home carries the stories and memories of the families within, and they treat every project as if it were for their own home.

This belief in quality and connection shines through in their promise of a free, no-obligation estimate for their services. They want their customers to understand fully what they’re investing in, ensuring they see the value in every single dollar spent. It’s this transparent, customer-first approach that has earned the trust of the Nashville community and established Mr. Roof as a household name.

At Mr. Roof Nashville, they are more than just a business; they’re a family. A family committed to safeguarding your home while creating lasting relationships. When you choose them, you aren’t just getting a service—you’re getting a promise. A promise that your home, the heart of your family, is in the best hands.

2. Sumner Roofing & Exteriors

Established in 1989, Sumner Roofing & Exteriors is based in Hendersonville. They serve Nashville, Hendersonville, and surrounding Middle Tennessee counties. Their services extend beyond roofing, offering windows, siding, gutters, doors, attic insulation, and skylights/sun tunnels.

3. Quality Exteriors

Operating since 2006, Quality Exteriors is headquartered in Murfreesboro. They service Nashville, Franklin, Murfreesboro, Clarksville, and beyond. In addition to roofing, Quality Exteriors offers gutter, siding, and other exterior repair services. They’re also one of the largest insurance restoration companies in Tennessee.

4. Ford Roofing Company

Ford Roofing Company, founded in 1974, is a Franklin-based company serving Nashville, Franklin, and surrounding Middle Tennessee counties. They focus on residential roofs and gutters, along with chimney services and skylight installations.

5. Tim Leeper Roofing

Tim Leeper Roofing, established in 2004, operates throughout Middle Tennessee. They garnered national recognition as the roofing company of the year in 2015. Their services include roof inspection, repair, and replacement for both residential and commercial properties.

6. Five Points Roofing

Five Points Roofing, a family-owned company founded in 2010, operates out of Franklin. They serve Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood, and surrounding Middle Tennessee areas. They specialize in roof replacements, roof washing, and insurance work.

7. H.E. Parmer Company, Inc

As the oldest roofing company in Nashville, H.E. Parmer Company, Inc has been serving the community since 1889. They offer repair and installation services for both residential and commercial roofing.

The Best Roofing Company: Mr. Roof Nashville

While all the above companies provide excellent services, Mr. Roof Nashville stands out as the best roofing company in Nashville, Tennessee. Their commitment to craftsmanship, customer satisfaction, and transparency sets them apart in the industry.


When looking for roofing companies near me, the above list is a fantastic starting point. These companies have proven track records of providing quality services and earning high customer satisfaction ratings. Whether you need a new roof or a simple roof repair, these Nashville roofers have got you covered.

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