The Ultimate EDM Workout Playlist to Energize Your Routine

EDM Workout Playlist

Revamp your workout with the energizing rhythms of Electronic Dance Music (EDM). This genre, known for its pulsating beats and motivational lyrics, is perfect for turning up the intensity of your fitness routine. Here’s our compilation of the best EDM workout playlist that will make your sweat sessions more thrilling than ever before.

What Makes EDM Ideal for Workouts?

EDM’s rhythmic beats often sync perfectly with the pace of various workouts. Whether it’s a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) session or a steady-paced run, EDM’s consistent beats can help you find your rhythm, stay in sync, and push yourself harder. Let’s dive into the world of EDM and discover how its high-energy music can propel your workout to new heights.

The Power of 128 BPM

Most EDM tracks hover around 128 beats per minute (BPM), a tempo that’s fast enough to keep you moving, yet consistent enough to help you slip into a rhythm easily. This tempo is dominant in EDM, making it an ideal genre for workout music.

EDM for Cardio Workouts

EDM is perfect for cardio workouts, as the beats can match your pace, whether you’re running, cycling, or doing HIIT. Songs with fast-paced beats can help you keep up your tempo and make your workout more enjoyable.

EDM for Weight Training

When it comes to weight training, EDM can be equally beneficial. The consistent beat can help you maintain a steady rhythm during your reps, while the energy of the music can motivate you to push through challenging sets.

The Best EDM Tracks for Your Workout Playlist

Now that we’ve established why EDM is great for workouts, let’s delve into some top tracks that you should consider adding to your workout playlist.

1. “Push” by A-Trak & Andrew Wyatt

Start your workout strong with the invigorating beats of “Push”. This track’s upbeat energy is perfect for warming you up and preparing your body for the intense workout ahead.

2. “Never Sleep Alone” by Kaskade

Keep the energy flowing with “Never Sleep Alone”. Kaskade’s track is ideal for maintaining your motivation as you transition from warm-up to the main workout.

3. “Addicted to You (Albin Myers Remix)” by Avicii

This remix of Avicii’s “Addicted to You” takes the original’s infectious energy to new levels, providing the perfect soundtrack for a high-intensity cardio session or challenging weight training set.

4. “Surrender” by Cash Cash

“Surrender” is a motivating track that encourages you to give your all in your workout. Its uplifting beats and lyrics can help you push through even the toughest parts of your routine.

5. “Don’t Look Down” by Martin Garrix & Usher

“Don’t Look Down” is an inspiring track that encourages perseverance and determination, making it a great choice for the midpoint of your workout when you might need a motivational boost.

Cool Down with EDM

EDM isn’t just for high-intensity parts of your workout. Certain tracks can also be perfect for your cool-down period.

1. “Summer” by Calvin Harris

“Summer” is a relaxed, uplifting track that can help you unwind after an intense workout. Its soothing beats and positive vibes make it ideal for light stretching and cool-down exercises.

2. “Peace of Mind (Arty Remix)” by Above & Beyond

This remix of “Peace of Mind” by Arty provides a calming, serene soundtrack for your post-workout relaxation. Its gentle rhythm and peaceful melodies can help you transition smoothly from high-intensity exercise to a more relaxed state.

3. “Colors (Audien Remix)” by Halsey

The Audien remix of Halsey’s “Colors” is a beautiful, relaxed track that can help you unwind after your workout. Its mellow beats and soothing melodies can help you cool down and stretch effectively after a challenging routine.

4. “Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff” by Deadmau5 & Kaskade

“Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff” is an iconic EDM track that combines a steady beat with an energetic melody, making it perfect for the end of your workout. It can help you gradually bring your heart rate down while still keeping the energy high.


Incorporating the best EDM workout playlist into your fitness routine can make your workouts more enjoyable and motivating. The high-energy beats and motivating lyrics of EDM tracks can help you push yourself harder and achieve your fitness goals. So, the next time you hit the gym or go for a run, consider adding some EDM tracks to your playlist to enhance your workout experience.

Remember, the key to a great workout is not only the exercises you do but also the music that accompanies you. EDM, with its high-energy beats and motivational lyrics, can be the perfect companion for your sweat sessions. So, give these tracks a listen and get ready to take your workouts to the next level!

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June 2024